Nils Williksen AS is owned by three salmon farmers and act as the sales and processing company for the owners. Through ownership and close collaboration, the group is involved in all segments of the value chain, from egg to finished product. We are proud to export and process the quality salmon produced by our owners, Midt-Norsk Havbruk AS, SalmoNor AS and Bjørøya AS.

Midt Norsk Havbruk AS

Midt Norsk Havbruk AS controls 10 licenses for farming of salmon around the Vikna archipelago and is the largest supplier of farmed salmon to Nils Williksen AS. Close collaboration with neighbouring aquaculture activity secures both an environmentally and economically sustainable production, and the farmers around Vikna were among the first in Norway to separate the production area into zones for common fallowing. Besides operating a hatchery, Midt Norsk Havbruk AS also have ownership in Åsen Settefisk AS and Flatanger Settefisk AS and is self-sufficient with smolt. Read more about Midt Norsk Havbruk AS at

SalmoNor AS

SalmoNor AS is a merger between Vikna Sjøfarm AS and Lund Fiskeoppdrett AS and is located around and the Vikna achipelago. The company controls 8 licenses for farming of salmon, including 1 public license, and also operate a hatchery. The main focus for SalmoNor AS are quality, fish health and environmentally sustainable production. Read more about SalmoNor AS at

Bjørøya AS

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